Wouldn’t it be cool to provide the next generations with a video biography that showcased first-person, on-camera interviews of the stories and life experiences of their relatives? -To be able to show little Suzie that she’s the spitting image of her great aunt, Mille who was a WASP in WWII. –To sit again at the feet of a grandfather and hear him say how proud he is of his family. –To speak directly to my own kids and tell each one of them exactly what I was thinking and feeling the day they were born. –To throw a 20th anniversary party with college buddies, complete with a DVD video compilation of photos and footage of those crazy days! That is what Heirloom Movies strives to do—to provide family biographies through video storytelling.
It’s the mandate of Heirloom Movies’ founders and their staff to use professional techniques and methods to capture on-camera interviews and edit them into compelling family history videos that will stand the test of time. We will bring our passion and respect to you and promise to care for your legacy like it is our own. Let’s start the video chapter of every family, everywhere.

The Montage

Compilation of still-photos and home video clips into a video montage

The Life Story

The Life Story Package is 30- 50 minutes of fully edited video. You receive a powerful documentary of your loved-one's life.

The Deluxe Life Story

In-depth, personal interviews with multiple persons, exploring how their lives touched one another, with extensive use of photos, videos, memorabilia, titles and graphics.